Tuesday, December 22, 2020

#89 - Resolutions for 2021

Review and Resolutions 

The year 2020 in review. 2020 started well, but it rapidly unraveled. It is akin to being on a cruise ship at port and not allowed to disembark.
It's been a year full of disorienting, scary and confusing global events. The number 1 problem is the coronavirus. Then a series of natural disasters, including prolonged wildfires in Australia and the West Coast. 
There were internet rumors and conspiracy theories gone wild, and a president who denied the virus, got it, then lost an election but still refuses to concede defeat. Meanwhile I was schooling grandchildren every day and not going anywhere. 
Shopping can be an event with many shelves cleaned out by others and the supply chain unreliable. 
And yes, some of my relatives contracted the CoVid-19, and a few of them died. 
As for the big holidays of the year, they were either canceled or minimal. Events were online. At the end of fall, right before winter, we got the 4th largest snow fall on record on this date. 
Resolutions 2021
I draw on what I learned in 2020 for my 2021 resolutions. I'll not allow events make me cranky - at least not for long.  
2020 served as a reminder that focus is a critical piece of my attitude adjustment. 
3 Practices to Retain in 2021:
In light of that, I list three practices to help with my focus (and by extension, my attitude)  in the coming year.
First, I want to rejoice in the moment. 
Second, necessary part of health is recreationI want continue to take the beauty outdoors. 
Finally, as a family historian, I think much of people. 
For those who have passed, I am thankful. For those still living, I'd like to cherish them more.
Genealogy-related resolutions are two: continue scanning photos and to go update the old entries to this blog.

1 Rejoice: 
No matter what the season, there is always something to engage in and enjoy.
1964 me enjoying the snowy day

2 Romp! 
Enjoy the great outdoors. It's a beautiful world!
Sundown: the little house surrounded by nature

3 Reflect and Remember
How people, not things, make/made my life sweet.
Ma or mom: she's the bomb!

Photos: ACJ collection

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  1. It is a shame you are not blogging here more often. I hope you are well.


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