Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#41-Geography, farms and religion: Reynear Tyson and Family

Geography, family, farms & religion
The records of the early American colony reflect my ancestors' disposition to
  1. marry people they know from their own area 
  2. buy land then remain there working it 
  3. carry on naming patterns of their family traditions
  4. stick to a geographic area 
  5. stick to the religion they were brought up in. The countries they fled often required them to join the State religion. This was an earned freedom they cherished.
A large number of my early ancestors in Pennsylvania and Delaware River area were Quakers (Friends). 
And when I check the records there are a dizzying number of repeated names in the same Meeting, in the same geographic area. 

Here is an example:
A quick glance at Abington Friends Meeting Records show 2 events  in one year, and 1 event in the subsequent year and the family name “Tyson” is mentioned in all three of the records.  

My question is: are these Tysons my direct ancestors, or lateral, or even un-related Tysons? 
The example, 
Abington Meeting records shows

  1. John Kirk, husband of Sarah Tyson,  died in 1759
  2. 1759 was also the year that a John Tyson was married with Hannah Cleaver. 
  3. Immediately following the above marriage, but in the next year (1760), records show a Priscilla (Naylor) Tyson  died.
You're lucky--it took me two days to verify that I’m directly descended from all of them: 
John Kirk, 
Sarah Tyson, 
John Tyson, 
Hannah Cleaver, 
another John Tyson, 
and Priscilla Naylor. 
They were all either a 7th great grandparent and 8th great grandparent.
Yet all this was fairly straightforward for this year (1760) Abington was keeping good records and in English, and many of the families had been settled for decades. 

However, once you push back to the late 1600s (1680s) to about 1700, the stories are more murky.

January's Ancestor: Reiner /Reyner Tyson & Family
This first post, January’s post, is about Reiner/Reyner Tyson and his family.

I chose him because he is well-documented. 
Note on research on Reiner Tyson:
I am happy that in his case for my aunt Margaret B Walmer’s extensive and well-documented research. Included also is some research conducted by my grandmother's brother Don Tyson. I have gone over Margaret's and Don's research and their sources.
 (Margaret Walmer was a genealogist who has published books by Heritage Books.)
In this particular post, I don't need her published books but am using her detailed notes, some typed and some handwritten. 

To Mardy, I offer another post-humous “kudos! well done!”
I (again) thank my cousin Sam Walmer for scanning her papers.