Thursday, March 21, 2019

52 Ancestors #3/2019 Big Family - Gilpin/ Glover

Gilpin-Glover: Big Family & Rough Times

The prompt this week was Big Family. I had a lot to choose from. I considered my maternal grandmother's grandparents--Cyrus Griest (Sr) and his wife Mary Ann Cook. But they had only 8 children. 

That stirred a memory: Mary Ann Cook is descended from the Gilpin family.
Here is my post on the Gilipin family

The short story is that Joseph  Gilpin and his wife Hannah Glover (of England) had 15 children. I don't know the details of their life but I can tell you with 15 children, in the colonial era, and as immigrants, they likely had a rough go of it.  You needn't have much of an imagination to know that.

Their children and where they were born.
Children born in England:
1Hannah Gilpin  1693 -1746 – born in England
2 Samuel Gilpin  1694-1767 – born in England
Born in the cave (in what was then Pennsylvania, now Delaware) before they built a structure:
3 Rachel Gilpin   1696- 1776 – born in the cave
4 Ruth Gilpin    1697- 1758- born in the cave
5 Lydia Gilpin  1699- 1750
6 Thomas Gilpin  1700-1766
7 Ann Gilpin  1702-1759
8 Joseph Gilpin, Jr.  1704-1792
9 * Sarah Gilpin  1706-1783 –my ancestor
10 George Gilpin 1708-1773
11 Isaac Gilpin  1710-1745
12 Moses Gilpin  1711- ?
13 Alice Gilpin   1714-?
14 Mary Gilpin  1716-1806
15 Esther Gilpin 1717-1795

Here is the family line from the Gilpin/Glovers to my grandmother (Elizabeth Tyson)

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