Thursday, September 25, 2014

#31-- Andreas Brinker, Swiss Immigrant to PA

The Swiss Family Tilton?
My mother’s father, Charles Tilton, always said he was English. And this is true, in part. But on his maternal grandmother’s mother he’s also Swiss (Zurich area) and German.

You're wondering: how? But you're afraid of a long answer. I'll give you the short answer. 
To do that, I have to break every rule in the book and genealogists reading this will hate me for doing it. I posted an easy-to-read chart with your answer. This chart shows how my grandfather, Charles Tilton (and anyone related or to him) is Swiss (and German).

How to read the chart:
~The bottom and the top green boxes show my mother (living) and the first male who emigrated from Switzerland to the colonies (USA). 
~The next ancestor, his son, who was also born in Switzerland and immigrated with the family, is on the left & below him in blue.
~All decedents on the left side are direct descendants of the original immigrant from Switzerland.
~Males are in blue, females in pink. 
~Marriages are indicated my any horizontal line.

~Only the foreign births are noted and bolded. I’m leaving the details to another post.  

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