Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#15 - From Hicks to Hawxhurst in One Leap

  From Hicks to Hauxhurst
I'm jumping ahead  to a woman who was of the Hicks line.  She was my great grandmother Bertha Hawxhurst. I'm going to move us quickly through the Hicks-to-Hauxhurst point from Issac Hicks of the previous post. (Later I'll post what anecdotes and photos/letters I have from the Hicks family). 
In the previous post:
Isaac Hicks (my 5th great grandfather) married Sarah Doughty, thus linking the Hicks family with the Doughtys.
Their son John Doughty Hicks (my 4th great grandfather) linked the Rushmore and Townsend families to the line when he (John Doughty) married Sarah Rushmore.
Their son, (another) Isaac Hicks (my 3rd great grandfather) married Mary Fry Willis, linking the Willis and Kirby families (and, I'm sure you've guessed the Fry family).

They had Marianna Hicks, (my 2nd great grandmother), thus breaking the long line of Hicks males in my direct ancestry.
Marianna Hicks married a William Ephraim Hawxhurst, son of Ephriam Hawxhurst and Charity Titus (Titus is another common Long Island family).

Their daughter, Bertha Charity Hawxhurst, was my great grandmother.

My great grandmother Bertha Hawxhurst married a Quaker from Pennsylvania: Chester Julian Tyson.
As a postcript: Her sister, Mary Willis Hawxhurst, married Chester's brother Edwin Tyson. And that is another story.  ENLARGE THE Group Sheet to Read it.

Below the break, I've inserted 3 "Family Group Sheets"  in a series. They show names and siblings and parents names of the Hicks and non-Hickses from Issac and Sarah Doughty to Bertha Hawxhurst.

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