Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#17 - Phebe and Mary Willets SISTERS, or how intertwined can you get?

 Pedigree Collapse Running Amok
Quakers of the past habitually married a relative--sometimes cousins, sometimes distant cousins. My Quaker ancestors who remained on Long Island are just about the most notoriously intermarrying families. 

They had good reasons to and no reason not to, as a result names like Townsend, Seaman, Willis, Hicks, Willets, Mott, etc. are sprinkled liberally throughout the family tree. 

I feel a bit better when I read up on the Motts and find that some of the best minds in genealogical research have to keep amending the "Adam Motts" of Long Island. 
I was preparing for #21 (which will be about Phebe Willets [Mott] [Dodge]) and it occurred to me that her daughter's grandson (from her marriage to Adam Mott) was also related to me by another branch. 

I had to draw it on paper first to clarify the relationships. Yes, Phebe and her sister Mary Willets are both my ancestors through John Willis. I created a graphic, below.
The double boxes (green and deep lavender) indicate Phebe and Mary Willets' relationship as siblings. A lavender box indicates Phebe's descendant and  a green box Mary's descendant until we get to John Willis who has both green and lavender boxes around him. Start at the top, where I identify Phebe and Mary's parents by the blue and pink boxes.

[As an aside, John Willis (husb of Elizabeth Mott) had a double wedding with his sister Sarah when she married another Mott (yes, another Adam), and later their other sister Amy married another Mott brother (Stephen). ]

John Willis from Mary and Phebe Willets

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