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#84 - Westbury, Long Island, NY 1869: Beard or No Beard?

 1869 Beards at the Apex

1869 Westbury Friends Meetinghouse

It was the way to wear your hair in the US: between 1850 and 1901 all of my male ancestors who were young men during the Civil War (AND who were American & whose photo I have) wore beards.
The photo above is a1896 photo of some of the Westbury Friends at the Westbury (Long Island, NY) Meetinghouse.
I first saw in at the Westbury Historical Society.  [You might want to see if you have an ancestor pictured here]. 
Then I noticed it in my cousin's house--she lives in the same house our great grandmother (Bertha Hauxhurst) lived (in PA) after she was married. Bertha's father is in the above photo, as are many of Bertha's relatives.

In the 1990s an elderly relative on Long Island (Esther Hicks) provided an enormous amount of information, including the key to the photograph. 
Both the key and the names to each circled number is provided below.

Back to Beards:
When I looked closely at the photo, I saw fewer than half the men have beards, some seem to have whiskers, and there might even be a mustache in this group. 
I would guess though the Quakers here have in part adopted the fashion of the day (some have 'trendy' stove pipe hats), that they seemed to resist the beard largely. I wonder if it may have been because they were conscientious objectors to war (even if they agreed with the Union)?
I don't know. But, it was fun to examine more closely each face in the photo as I could see some of their expressions

Key to Westbury Friends Meeting Members - See Names below
Westbury Quaker Meeting 1869  
Note: # 33 and #39 are unnamed, not recognized. There is a 35 & a 35A to compensate a numbering error.

1 Wm E Hauxhurst - No beard -  (my gr gr grandfather)

2 Wm Hewlett - No
3 Wm Mudge - Whiskers or Beard
4 Isaac Rushmore -No
5 Benjamin Hicks (Manhasset) - No
6 Stephen Rushmore - No
7 Charles F Titus - No
8 Wm T. Cock - No
9 John S. Hicks - Whiskers or Beard
10 James Titus - No
11 Joseph Post - No
12 Lewis Valentine -No
13 Edmond Seaman -No
14 Edward Willets - No 
15 Henry Titus - No
16 Stephen R. Hicks - No 
17 Howard Rushmore - No
18 Hannah Keese
19 Lydia Townsend
20 Henry T. Willets - Beard or whiskers
21 Samuel Keese - No
22 John Keese - No
23 Anna Valentine
24 Edward Rushmore -No 
25 Hannah B. Titus
26 Daughter of Benj. Hicks
27 Daughter of Benj. Hicks
28 Mary W. Seaman
29 Mary Jane Willits
30 Thomas Hicks - No
31 Jacob Hicks - No 
32 William Henry Willits - No
33 --N/A
34 James Post -No
35 John Valentine - No
35A Sidney Pratt -No
36 Benjamin Hicks (Roslyn) - No
37 Mary P. Titus
38 Sarah A. Willets
39 ---
40 Mary F. Titus
41 Phebe Post
42 Amy Keese
43 Esther or Hannah Willets
44 Caroline H. Hicks
45 Charity Hawxhurst
46 John D Hicks - No
47 Jane Titus
48 Annie C. Titus
49 Phebe Barnes (Purchase)
50 Hannah B. Cock
51 Hannah U. Hicks
52 Rachel Post
53 Marietta Willets
54 Joseph Hicks - Yes, nice beard!
55 Elmina Post
56 Mary W. Post
57 Annie T. Willets
Frederick E. Willits - No Beard but does he have a mustache??
Photo: MB Walmer Collection (by way of Bertha Hauxhurst) - photo
Key: from Esther Hicks (Emory) B 1903 D. 2004 (age 101). Daughter of Henry Hicks & Caroline Jackson. Wife of John M  G Emory. Esther Hicks Emory corresponded with Margaret Tilton Walmer and provided the "key" which she had gotten from a sister. 

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