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#79 - Mary Reynolds, a most typical Irish Immigrant of 1800s

Mary Reynolds (W of Lawrence Barnwell)

Of the many Irish immigrants to North America, my great great grandmother, Mary Reynolds, wife of Lawrence Barnwell is the typical immigrant of the 1800s. 

She immigrated to New York with her parents and married, lived and died in NYC, Brooklyn and was buried in Queens, NY. That's about all I know of her other than the bare facts. 

1892 NYS Census of Mary (Reynolds) Barnwell and John Barnwell

Birth, Marriage and Children.

Mary Reynolds born about 1860 in Ireland. 
She immigrated to New York City and married Lawrence Barnwell, another Irish immigrant. 
Their children: 
1 John Joseph Lawrence Barnwell (1881–1948) My great grandfather; born in Brooklyn, NY
2 Mary Ellen Barnwell (1885–1984) married a J. O'Brien
3 Lawrence Barnwell (1888–1889) 
4 Richard Barnwell (1890–?)
5 Alice Veronica Barnwell (1891–1918)

The family appears in a NYC directory, and in the 1892 NYS Census. There is no surviving Federal Census with them in it. The NYS census has much less detail than the Federal Census.

1892 NY State Census (Feb, 1892)
Brooklyn, NY
Lawrence, husband, born Ireland, Occupation: laborer
Mary, wife; Born, Ireland
John— 10 years, born USA
Mary— 8 years, born USA
Alice– 1 year, born USA

Mary drops out of sight. It's possible she lived with her husband's relatives--some of them were in Connecticut or with her married daughter and son-in-law. 

How do I know her Maiden Name was Reynolds?
There are two key pieces of evidence that Mary Barnwell’s maiden name was Reynolds: 
1 Death Certificate of son Lawrence Barnwell who lived less than 1 year, dying on 5 Mar 1889
Lawrence Barnwell the son of Mary Reynolds and Lawrence Barnwell
Born: 27 June 1888
Location: 1345 2nd Avenue, NY NY, USA
Father: Lawrence Barnwell
Mother: Mary Barnwell
Mother's Maiden name: Reynolds
Certificate Number: Birth 16883

and secondly, her own death certificate:
Name: Mary Barnwell, maiden name: Reynolds
Female, Born: Ireland 
Spouse: Lawrence Barnwell 
Child: Alice Veronica [Barnwell] O'Connor
Death Certificate Number: 10114

Mary Reynolds Barnwell died on 3 Dec 1943 in Brooklyn, New York, at the age of 83, and was buried in Queens County, New York.

From Find A Grave (index)
Name Mary Barnwell (Female) 
Birth: 1 Jun 1860 in Ireland
Died: 6 Dec 1943 in Brooklyn, NY, USA 
Buried: Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens County, NY, USA

All records obtained are on
The information on where to start looking is from documents I wrote or saved that my father gave me about his grandparents and great grandparents.

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