Thursday, January 2, 2020

#51-- First Post that ends in -20 New Years

Beginning Another Decade: 2020
I enjoy reading 50 years ago, and 100 years ago today in our daily paper. Jan 2020 starts the first full year of the decade of the 20s. What happened to the 0's? and the 10s? they barely registered.

My mother's sister, long deceased, was a genealogist who published genealogical books, answered inquiries (sent by mail), and did research. Margaret B Tilton lived in an ancestral house, in an ancestral community (while her siblings lived elsewhere), and she also had access to the family genealogist who preceded her, her great uncle, her maternal grandfather's brother, Edwin (Ned) Tyson. 

Margaret was not born in her ancestral area, but in Philadelphia. However, during the Depression, as their belts grew tighter, her father finally registered (though he was not a youth) for the newly formed US Air Corps (Air Force).  At last, a chance at a steady income. 

My aunt Margaret and my mother (both in high school), their young brother, and my grandmother packed up and moved back to Adams County, specifically to Biglerville, Pennsylvania. 
In addition to the nuclear family came my grandfather's long-widowed mother, Flora (Bancroft) Tilton, and their cat. 

My grandfather Charles B Tilton was posted in England as an intelligence officer for the bombers over Europe (a job he felt ill-equipped for, he admitted later). 

My mother and Margaret both graduated from Biglerville High School. (Their brother's education took some interesting twists before he graduated in the 1950s).

Here is a look back at Biglerville, PA nearly 100 years ago from the files of the "Gettysburg Times." I'm not sure when the paper printed these (probably 1960s). 
I found the clippings in the files of my Aunt Margaret Tilton, Researcher Extraordinaire.

Note the caption on photo 1 says it was donated to the Apple Museum in Biglerville. The Apple Museum has just undergone a major clean up and renovation, courtesy of Gettysburg DAR.

I hope this "round" of 52 Ancestors is completed this year. If only with an interesting photo. And, I hope to update what I have found since I suspended my blogging.
HAPPY 2020!

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  1. I'm having a lot of fun reading the ideas people are coming up with for 2020 blog posts. Good work!


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