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#26-Marianna Hicks of Long Island

Marianna Hicks of Long Island
 Marianna Hicks is my last direct ancestor named Hicks. She was the daughter of Isaac Hicks and Mary F Willis: the children of Isaac Hicks and Mary Fry Willis were:
1 Gilbert (1838-1922),

2 Edward (1840-1920) and
3 William C (1845-1846-died as an infant), and the subject of this post:

4 Marianna, my great-great grandmother 

Marianna Hicks, my great-great grandmother, was born September 27 1842 in  Nassau Co, New York and died August 13, 1915 in Nassau, County, New York. She is the last of the Hicks family  in my direct ancestry. 

Childhood Toy for Marianna
Marianna's  father Isaac  Hicks made  her a doll's bed to play with as a child. It is adorned with  handmade canopy and sheets.  Here are my photos of it:

Side view dolls bed by Isaac for Marianna Hicks c 1852

view frm corner Isaac Hicks' doll bed for Marianna c 1852

Isaac's doll bed for Marianna Hicks w/o mattress c 1852

Pillows and view of mattress with little sheets removed Marianna Hicks' c 1852
Five Generations
Marianna was the granddaughter of John Doughty Hicks (1790-1829) and Sarah R Rushmore (1790-1893) on her paternal side; of John Willis (1790-1864) and Mary W Kirby (1790-1873) on her maternal side.
Both of Marianna's grandmothers lived long lives: Mary W (Kirby) Willis lived to be 83 and Sarah (Rushmore) Hicks lived to be 103. We have a rare photo of 5 generations here:

5 Generations: L-R  Marianna Hicks Hawxhurst, Sarah Rushmore Hicks,  Isaac Hicks; seated Mary Hawxhurst Tyson and toddler Mary Muriel Tyson c 1891 Old Westbury, NY
Youth and Marriage

Marianna Hicks c 1856-57 as teen

Marianna Hicks married William Ephraim Hawxhurst on October 17, 1861 in Westbury, Long Island, NY.

William Ephraim Hawxhurst

William E Hawxhurst

William Ephraim Hawxhurst was born on May 19, 1838 in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York and he died February 5, 1908 in prob. Hempstead, New York.
William  Hawxhurst  was the son of:
  •  Ephraim Cock Hawxhurst (1793-1860) and
  • Charity Titus (1802-1877), Both of Long Island and Quaker
NOTE: The name Hawxhurst nearly as often spelled Hauxhurst, and in documents sometimes it appears as Hawkshurst.
The first child Mary was born in 1862 and the last child Bertha was born in 1881-so there was a 19 year age span between the first and last born child.

Their children:
1-Mary Willis Hawxhurst 1862-1941 (M Edwin Comly Tyson, bro of Chester Tyson)
2-Caroline H Hawxhurst 1866-1939 (M Frederick Fraley Sharpless)
3-William Wallace Hawxhurst 1869-1952 (M Ida Fredericke Hunninghaus)
4-Florence Amelia Hawxhurst 1875- after 1930 (M Richard Carpenter)
5-Harold Ephraim Hawxhurst 1878-1947 (M Hazel Blossom Sutton)
6-*Bertha Charity Hawxhurst 1881-1973 (M Chester J Tyson, bro of Edwin Comly Tyson)                                                                                                                            *Bertha was my great grandmother.

Relatives & Friends: Orthodox & Hicksite Friends Westbury
Apparently the Hawxhursts were tight with the local Orthodox Friends. In the picture below, the woman who is second from left is "Aunt Margaret Hauxhurst" - Margaret is William Hawxhurst's sister.
Bertha labeled several photos of the school she attended for instruction, and this one happened to have several Orthodox Friends.
Left to Right: Henrietta Titus, Margaret Hawkshurst (sis to WE Hawkshurst), Mary Post, Sarah Titus, Sarah Bunyan. 
(Recall that W.E. Hawkshurst's mother's maiden name is Titus).
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Henrietta Titus, Marg Hawxhurst, Mary Post, Sarah Titus, Sarah Bunyan -Orthodox Friends who instructed

From Oct 10, 1908 Newspaper article

L-R Harold Hawxhurst, William Hawxhurst Marianna, Bertha H- in front, Wallace Hawxhurst. Unknown woman-poss Ida H, Unknown Man, Florence Hawxhurst c.1888
Bertha's photo of "Mother" (Marianna Hicks Hawxhurst) c 1906

Marianna Hicks Hawxhurst's Obituary August 1915

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