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#28 - Hawxhurst Genealogical Story of 1888 by William Ephraim Hauxhurst - A Guest Blogger from the 1800s

Now and then I get lucky. This post is a result of finding a "story" written about the Hauxhurst family by a Hauxhurst before the 20th century.

The Hawxhurst family has been on Long Island for centuries, and intermarried with some of the same Quaker families.This post will contain a genealogical piece of the Hawxhurst [also spelled Hauxhurst and Hawkshurst] family and written by an ancestor was was local to the Westbury, Long Island, my great-great grandfather, William Ephraim Hawxhurst's story.  
WE Hawxhurst was the husband of Marianna Hicks (separate post on her), and compiled this summary in February of 1888 (well over a century ago).  

He writes that the information comes from an extract in his "possession that appears to have been taken from the town records," with his own additions.

What appears in brackets are my additions. The names in bold indicates one of my direct ancestors. I have placed a Roman numeral next to each generation.
  Hawxhurst Genealogy
"A short account of my father's family taken from an extract in my possession that appears to have been taken from the town records with additions made by myself Wm. E. Hauxhurst in Feb. 1888.

[I] Christopher Hauxhust & Mary Ruddick
Sometime before 1672, Christopher Hauxhurst, of Cedar Swamp (now Greenvale) married Mary Ruddick, oldest daughter of Henry Ruddick of Killingworth, one of the first settlers and largest land owners in the old purchase of Oyster Bay [Long Island, NY].

Their children were: William, Mary, and Sampson
  • William left no children. 
  • Mary married George Townsend and was the ancestors of the Duck Pond, Norwich, and Yellow Coate Townsends. 
  • Sampson married Hannah Townsend, daughter of John Townsend at the Mill [known as ‘Mill John’ Townsend]
[II] Sampson Hauxhurst and Hannah Townsend
[Sampson & Hannah] …lived for several years at Cedar Swamp, where he had a large property derived from his grandfather Ruddick, his father and his father-in-law.

Re: Sampson & Hannah (Townsend)’s Children & etc:
Somewhere between 1710 and 20 he [Sampson Hauxhurst] removed to Matinecock (now called Buckram).

Now, 1888 known as Locust Valley), where he also had inherited property.
Here for several years the records show him actively engaged in buying and selling land. Probably to bring his estate into a compact form when he died.
His children were:

  • William, 
  • Benjamin,
  • Sampson and
  • Joseph.
[III] William [Hauxhurst] and Benjamin engaged in mercantile pursuits in New York. The latter being successful. The former [William] was at first prosperous but some of the numerous misfortunes to which mercantile operations are subject, lost his property. 

Re:William Hauxhurst’s children

-His daughter Hannah married Peter Townsend of Chester Orange County, son of the fourth Henry Townsend. 

-Sampson and Joseph remained on their father's estate where their farm was bought  by James Cock. 

[IV] Joseph Hauxhurst & Family
[It is believed Joseph  married Sarah Mott. They had William Hauxhurst and probably at least three daughters.]

[V] William, the son of Joseph Hauxhurst
William (my grandfather), the son of Joseph, then removed to Kill River Hollow. 

He afterward removed to Oyster Bay in what has been known as Poverty Hollow.
Re: William Hauxhurst's Wife & Family
William, my grandfather, married Violette [Violetta] [Allen/Alling] They had children.

  • Sarah married William L. Baxter. Lived at Cow Neck [Long Island, NY].
  • Esther never was married  Lived to be an old woman.
  • Mary married Isaac F. Brandt. Lived in New York
  • Phebe married Daniel Waldron. Lived at East Norwich.
  • Townsend never married. Died while young.
  • Allen married. Lived in Oyster Bay.
  • Ephraim Cock Hauxhurst [his father] married. Lived in his latter years where I now live.
[VI]Ephraim Hauxhurst's marriages:
  1. Ephraim, my father, was married first to Julia Lefferts. She lived a short time.
  2. He then married Mary Ann McKenny. Had one child who lived about one year. She died. [A Quaker source said the child's name was Ephraim]
  3. He then married my mother, Charity Titus, daughter of Timothy [Titus] of Wheatly.
Ephraim Hauxhurst’s occupation, William writes:
My father was a schoolteacher in his younger days. He taught first at Huntington where he married his first wife, Julia Leffert.

He also taught in Oyster Bay and at Glen Cove [Long Island] where he married his second wife, Mary Ann McKenny. She lived some two years.

He then taught school in Westbury [Long Island, NY] and purchased the farm where I now live and married after a few years my mother, Charity Titus, daughter of Timothy of Wheatly. They had children.

  • Elizabeth-Married Oliver Van Cott of Dutchess Co., N. Y.
  • Caroline-Never married. Died when grown.
  • William Ephraim married Marianna Hicks daughter of Isaac and Mary Fry Hicks. Lives at Westbury on father's farm.
  • Margaret T. - Not married. Lives with me.
William E Hauxhurst continues with his own family:
William E. [himself] and Marianna [Hicks] have children:

  • Mary Willis married Edwin Tyson. Lives in Flora Dale, Penna.
  • Caroline - Not married
  • Wm. Wallace -Not married
  • Florence Amelia - Not married
  • Harold E. -  Not married
  • Bertha C - Not married [my great grandmother]
The Hauxhurst Genealogical Story of  1888 ends here. 
More on William E Hauxhurst and the Tyson family in other posts. Below a photo of the author (or "guest blogger") of this post, William E Hauxhurst.

William Ephraim Hauxhurst author of this story abt 1870-80
From the book:
American Ancestry- Giving The Name and Descent, in the Male Line, Americans whose Ancestors Settled In the United States Previous To The Declaration of Independence, A.D. 1776, VOL. X. Albany, N. Y. : Joel Munsell’s Sons, Publishers. 1895. 

Born there May 19, 1838
farmer and surveyor, son of Ephraim Cock Hawxhurst (1793-1859) and Charity Titus (1802-1877)
Married Oct. 17, 1861 Marianna Hicks b. Sept. 27, 1842, dau. of Isaac and Mary Fry [Willis] Hicks and gr.-dau. of John Doughty and Sarah [Rushmore] Hicks and of John and Mary [Kirby] Willis,
*Mary Willis
* Caroline

*William Wallace
*Florence A.
*Harold E.
*Bertha C.

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