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#7 - The Tiltons Move to America & Have to Rest Up for 200 Years

The Tiltons emigrate to America

The Tilton family emigrated first to Massachusetts, like so many of the time. But, in their case, the father and two grown sons immigrate independently of each other.

Generation 1- William Tilton-emigrated to America
   B. 1586/1587 in Leicestershire, England
   Marr: 1610/1611 in Leicestershire, England
   D. 1653 - Lynn, Massachusetts

William Married 1st: Ursula Pycroft 
  Ursula Pycroft - Poor Ursula never made it to America.
B-1586 -Leicestershire, England D-1638 - Warwickshire, England

Ursula Pycroft, the mother of John Tilton & Peter Tilton who both emigrated to America. 
Wiliam Marries 2nd-S. Hayes

Gen 2 in America
In my branch, immigrant and eldest son John Tilton (B. 1612/1613 Warwickshire, England) moves first to Mass, then to NY. John died March 1688 at Gravesend, NY.

Tiltons move to New Jersey--and Stay There

Gen 3 in America
John’s second son, Peter Tilton (B. 1642 in Lynn, MA) lived in but didn’t stay in NY. Peter moved to New Jersey settle and died there in 1699 in Monmouth County, NJ.

It was Peter who started this line of Tiltons in New Jersey. 

From Peter Tilton (1642-1699) to Generation 8--William Henry Tilton--all the Tiltons were born in New Jersey. Garret J Tilton (Gen 7) was the final Tilton of this line who was born and died in New Jersey. He was born in Monmouth County NJ in 1783, and died there in 1850.

Breaking up with New Jersey
It took William Henry Tilton (Gen 8) to make the break. He and his wife and children moved all the way to Brooklyn, NY in the mid-1800s.

The Tiltons enter the Industrial Age
You will need to read the next post #11 on Henry Addison Tilton (Gen 9 of the Tiltons in America) to find out what they did next.

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