Monday, July 27, 2020

#73 - All I know Of my Great Grandmother's Roots in Ireland

The "Old Country"
Most Recent Award goes to....
My most recent immigrant is my father's paternal grandmother, Catherine Higgins. She arrived a few years before she had him (their was no marriage & we're not sure what kind of 'friendship' they had). 
My grandfather was born in Dec 1905 and his mother says she arrived in 1900, but it was either 1 year earlier or later (from the records).  
Catherine spoke Gaelic as a first language, and she testified that she was from "Sligo." Ok. That's both a county and a city in Ireland.
Catherine Higgins - married by the time she received this
 And yes, I've been there,but not in many years.
In the Old Country
The first time I went to Sligo (and to many parts of Ireland) was when I was in 10th grade, at 16 years old. I went with a younger brother and my mother's aunt Margaret. 
We traveled by bus (tour group) and our driver's name was....(surprise)  Paddy. 

Paddy, Dave, myself, Aunt Margaret (in front) Limerick, Ireland 1971
Ireland is greatly changed--I went back in the 1990s and was amazed at the changes.

I am still working at finding out my great grandma Catherine Higgins' place of birth, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were some place like this:
Fidwog, Sligo, Ireland -Google Maps

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