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#56: Same Name - Charity

Part 1: Same Name - Charity
I Same Name - A Person named Charity
Repeated names are so commonplace. It was a fun exercise to see how long an name can be passed unbroken from mother to daughter--or sometimes the son's daughter was named after her. 
The name Charity, as a first or middle name, has been documented all over the family tree, but I found it was handed down to me fairly directly since 1724. The line is not unbroken, but close!

I  Girl born in Oyster Bay, NY in 1724 named Charity Losee [1] (B 18 Aug 1724 D 1813)
This Charity Losee marries Timothy Titus (1726–1802)

II Their son is also timothy Titus (b 1765) he marries a cousin (Margaret Titus) And they name their daughter after Timothy's mother:   She is Charity Titus [2] (1802-1877)

III Charity Titus marries Ephraim Cock Hawxhurst (1793–1859)
Their son is William Ephraim Hawxhurst (1838-1908).

III William Hawxhurst marries Marianna Hicks (1842–1915)
....They name a daughter Bertha Charity [3] Hawxhurst (1881–1973)

IV Bertha Charity Hawxhurst marries Chester Julian Tyson (1875–1938).....They name a daughter Elizabeth Charity [4] Tyson (1904–1994)

V Elizabeth Charity Tyson marries Charles Bancroft Tilton (1902–1986) .....They name my mother, giving her the middle name is Charity [5].

VI My mother & my father marry
........They name me, giving the sole daughter the middle name of Charity [6]

Each of the "Charitys" mentioned above, except for me
1 were Quakers
2 And except my grandmother and mother they were born near Westbury, Nassau County, NY.

The Friends (as Quakers were called) had their houses of worship in several places on Long Island, and one was in Westbury, New York.

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