Friday, June 19, 2020

52 Ancestors 2020 #26 - Middle Point--Some Eye Candy - Long Island Photographs from abt 1900

At mid-point in our 52 weeks of ancestors, here are some photos I colorized. The girl is my great grandmother, Bertha C Hauxhurst (m. Chester Tyson of PA). Her father is the only other person shown, William Ephraim Hauxhurst. As in prior posts, he held quite a lot of land, and sold a good deal off to those who would build summer homes on Long Island's north shore in the early 1900s. Her maternal grandparents had a house in the area, they were Isaac Hicks and his wife Mary Fry Willis.
Don't you love the dog in the photo?
Wm Ephraim Hauxhurst at home Westbury NY abt 1900 - Bertha's father
Wm E Hauxhurst Marianna Hicks home Westbury NY
Wm E Hauxhurst-Marianna Hicks home Westbury, NY
Bertha C. Hauxhurst (Tyson) young adult
Isaac Hicks/Mary Fry Willis house, Westbury, NY Bertha's grparnts

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