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#13 - Hicks family on Long Island from Jacob to Samuel, Isaac’s father, Post 2

Hicks Lineage
One of the great difficulties of tracing the Long Island relatives is that they married distant relatives.  This is the final post of the Hicks family with just "bare bones information."

8th Great Grandfather - Jacob Hicks and Hannah Carpenter
Thomas Hicks married twice:  

1st he married Mary Washburn (who died), and 2nd he married  Mary Doughty.
My 8th great grandfather, Jacob Hick
s, was the son of Thomas and his firs
t wife, Mary Washburn.

Jacob Hicks was born in Jun 1669 in Long Island, New York. 
He married Hannah Carpenter (born 1672) in 1690. 
Hannah Carpenter’s father was one of the founders of the Baptists in Rhode Island (which was founded by a Baptist, Roger Williams).  
Hannah died in 1750 and Jacob died Mar 1755 (on Long Island).

So, was Jacob a Quaker?  

No, according to one writer, Jacob Hicks was  “impressed by the earnestness of the Friends although he, like his father, was a staunch Anglican, serving as a church warden and vestryman of St. George's Church at Hempstead, NY.”
Still, because his wife Hannah Carpenter was the daughter of one of the founders of the Baptist Church in America, she held and was comfortable around Nonconformist views (as opposed to the Anglican/state).  

However, an itinerant Quaker minister named Thomas Chalkely made two visits to the area, he stayed with Jacob and Hannah Hicks. Soon after Chalkely's visits, Jacob ceased to be a vestryman in his Anglican church even though he did not become a Quaker.  Quakers still preached in open fields, and were often openly ridiculed. 
Many nonconformists, not solely but including Quakers, were moved by “visions and revelations.”   One writer says that this “lingering emotionalism disturbed Jacob Hicks, yet he was willing to open his home for a monthly gathering of Friends for worship.”
And records do show Jacob not only allowed nonconformists to stay in his home, but he also allowed monthly meeting for worship in his home.  

One researcher says that Elias Hicks’ father John, who was one of Jacob's sons, [Elias would become a famous Quaker] was greatly influenced by the goings on in Jacob’s house:     "Jacob's son John [grandfather of Elias Hicks] was influenced by the gatherings held..and longed to possess the great joy which came to Friends through their certainty of the forgiveness and love of God...[John] finally joined the Society [of Friends] a few years before the birth of Elias, and became a faithful member of Westbury Monthly Meeting.” 
     Yet another researcher disagrees, saying while “John Hicks and his wife Martha were nominally Friends, but did not seem in any way to take an active part in the Society…”

As far as I can tell they had seven children: six boys and one girl.  Son Benjamin Hicks was my 7th great grandfather.
1 Samuel Hicks  1702 – 1735
2 Stephen Hicks  1704 – 1775
3 Thomas Hicks 1706 – 1776
4 Jacob Hicks 1708 – 1769
5 Sarah Hicks  1710 – 1772
6 John Hicks  1711 – 1789
7 Benjamin Hicks  1713 – 1744 (7th Great Grandfather)

7th Great Grandfather-Benjamin Hicks and Phebe Titus 
Benjamin was the sixth son of Jacob and Hannah Hicks of Rockaway.  
He was born 29 January 29 1713, his will dated 2 April 1743, and proved June 18, 1743.

He married on 2 Dec 1736, Phebe Titus, born  29 Jul 1717 and died 2 Feb 1800 in Westbury, NY.  Phebe was the daughter of Silas and Sarah (Haight) Titus. 
Their children were:
1. Silas Hicks
2. Benjamin
3. Samuel Hicks,
my 6th great grandfather.

At some point Benjamin and/or Samuel Hicks became Friends. 

6th Great Grandfather: Samuel Hicks and Phebe Seaman

Samuel Hicks was born 30 Aug 1741 in Westbury, LI, NY and died 20 Nov 1819 in Westbury, LI, NY at 78 years old. 

Samuel  married a Quaker, and one well-connected to the family: a Seaman. 
Samuel's father died when he was a baby.  Samuel had not only lost a father young, but he also had no inheritance.

He trained to be a tailor and carried on the business “in the rural districts about Westbury and became a prosperous man in his rural community.”
Marriage and Children:  Samuel married 1st on 26 June 1765, Phebe Seaman and had 5 children:
1. Isaac (my 5th great grandfather)
2. Elizabeth
3. Samuel
4. Valentine
5. Phebe

Samuel Remarries:  after Phebe (Seaman) Hicks died and Samuel remarried to a widow: Amy (Shotwell, daughter of Joseph Shotwell) Brooke. They had no children together.
**Next post has photos and stories.**

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  1. Charity, I am a descendant of your Jacob Hicks' brother John Hicks who married Ellinor Ellison. Their son Robert Hicks (his connection proven to the family by a bond linking him to Granville Co., NC where he lived and the Flushing, NY family) was my ancestor twice over. His daughter Abigail Hicks married William Yancey. His son Isaac Hicks married Elizabeth Hines. Their children, Thomas Yancey and Sarah Hicks were first cousins and married, settling in Oglethorpe Co., GA. Their youngest son Thomas Hines Yancey, b. 1818 was my great-great-great grandfather.

    My home email is Would love to hear from you and compare notes.


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