Monday, October 12, 2020

52 Ancestors #41 - The Newest Contact from Finland

Relatives in the "Old Country" 

Nothing is more exciting than a DNA discovery--except for finding new relatives and them sharing photos. We live for this, it's almost an adrenalin rush. The most recent discovery is one I'm still working on as I don't know all the naming traditions of Finland, nor their history. However, I'm hopeful, for, unlike Ireland, they did not have people coming to the New World in droves. 

The most recent discovery has to do with my husband's grandfather's roots. His mother's father Andrew Antilla was the son of Finnish immigrants: Henry or Heikki Antilla and his wife Ida Paavola
We a conversation across the seas again with descendants on both sides. It was very sweet.  A first cousin once-removed, here, in the US, was on the search for any relatives and through her, I was notified on Facebook of the existence of relatives. (I always hope for that to happen in Ireland--but so far, nothing!)

Here's what his great grandfather Heikki Anttila's brother's descendant wrote: 

"In the Facebook group ′Reisjärvi families'  The great grandfather Heikki Anttila Juho's son was born in Reisjärvi on 1856 and moved to USA on 1892.  

My relatives and I were only familiar with it as a name in our family which I dug up."

He continues: 

"The data matched. Turns out that Heikki was my grandfather Juho Juho's son Heikki Anttila (b. 1863) oldest brother and I saw quite close relatives with [The US cousin].

I've been curious to read [the US cousin's] stories about the lives of American relatives.  It reminds me that my family was in correspondence with Heikki's son Tauno Anttila family in the early 1960's. "

He adds sadly, "[But] For some reason we lost contact and America's relatives were forgotten. As best I can, I've tried to tell Rebecca about Heikki's birthplace and relatives here in Finland. Thanks for contacting me! This is a wonderful thing for all of us."

In the picture the brothers : Heikki (1856-1926) and Juho on the right (1863-1942) Anttila

Juho Anttila (Uncle of Andrew Antilla, bro. Heikki Anttila) 1863-1942

Another another descendant wrote in this post:
"Aili Anttila, (Juho and Heikki  sister) always got an American package with such nice clothes that you couldn't wear them here in the country. 
She always liked to show them out (off) though. As I recall, the packages came from the American side of their husband's family."
Aili Anttila
My husband was shocked at the resemblance of this woman to his mother, a sister and some of his mother's sisters. I was reminded of the power of photos! Keep on labeling your photos & sharing them, too! 
Living people shared the photos. I'm keeping them private for now.

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