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52 Ancestors #46 - The New England Petts Family - Patriots of the American Revolution

This name is of infrequent occurrence in the records of New England. The number of settlers bearing this name was very limited. The name in Townsend [Massachusetts] records is sometimes written as “Patt” or “Patts”, but later the name is uniformly written Petts
 - Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire

John Petts 
John Petts, my husband's 7th Great Grandfather. 
John Petts was one of the earliest settlers of Townsend, Massachusetts. 

He was born in1681 and he died December 13, 1762 in Townsend, MA.
It is probable that his wife Abigail was the first female white resident of the town.
It nearly certain that their son Jonathan Petts was the first white settler born there.
Their son:

Jonathan Petts
My husband's 6th Great Grandfather
Jonathan Petts was the son of John and Mary Petts and likely the first white settler infant born in Townsend, MA.  

Jonathan was born on October 15, 1727 in Townsend, Massachusetts, where he was a farmer. 
He died November 23, 1767 in Ashburnham, MA
He married Sarah Hosely  who was born in December 1732. Sarah was the daughter of James Hosely and Exercise (or Eunice) Jewett. Sarah died in 1788.
Their son:

Jonathan (son of Jonathan) Petts

My husband's 5th Great Grandfather
Jonathan Petts (Jr) was born to Jonathan Petts and Sarah Hosley in Townsend, MA.
Jonathan married in Townsend, MA in February 12, 1783 and moved to Stoddard, NH. 

Jonathan’s wife was Rebecca Towne. 
Rebecca Towne was born July 25, 1763 to Colonel Ezra Towne and Elizabeth Dorman of New Ipswich, NH. 
Her father, Ezra Towne, was in the American Revolution as a captain for three years and later a colonel of a regiment.
   ~ Revolutionary War Soldier~
Jonathan (Jr) was a solider in the Revolution. 

He served in the Lexington alarm on April 19, 1779 in Captain James Hosley’s company. 
Jonathan was also in the siege of Boston in 1775 and at Bunker Hill in Captain Henry Farwell’s Company. 
[In the history of the town of Townsend his name is erroneously printed Nathan Patt].
Their son:

David Petts

My husband's 4th Great Grandfather
David Petts was born in Stoddard, NH on February 7, 1788 and lived in Stoddard, Weston, VT and Nelson, NH where he died in February 16, 1867.

  ~ Family~
He married Clarissa Parker who was born in Nelson, NH on July 14, 1793. 

Clarissa was the daughter of Josiah and Eunice Pierce. Clarissa died in Nelson, NH on August 8, 1871.
Three of their children died in infancy. 

The ten children were: David Towne, Lyman Parker, Eunice Pierce, Lousia Malvina, Frederic Augustus, Lawrensa, Clarissa Sabrina, George Shepard, Albert Livingston, and Lucy Orinda.
Their son:

David Towne Petts

My husband's 3rd Great Grandfather
David Towne Petts was the oldest child of David Petts and Clarissa Parker. 

He was born in Weston, Vermont on November 25, 1810 and died on December 3, 1856 at 46 years old.
   ~ Work~
He farmed to some extent in Nelson, VT, where for 10 or 12 or twelve years he was a cattle drover.
He moved to Stoddard NH where he conducted a hotel for 6 years and then moved to Marlow, NH and carried on  a hotel there for about 1 ½ year before his death.

   ~ Family~
David Towne Petts married in Stoddard, NH Phebe (or Phoebe) Stevens who was born in Stoddard, NH on May 3, 1812.
Their children were Ferdinand, Lyman and George, Rosanna or Rosina, and two daughters who were both my husband’s ancestors, Myranda (1843-1917) and Christiana (1845-1871).

Their two of daughters, Myranda and Christiana:

Myranda Petts and Christiana Petts and their Spouses--

~Two of My husband's 2nd Great Grandmothers~
* Myranda (1843-1917) and 

 Christiana (1845-1871) Petts married John S Warner and John Levi Cook, respectively.
 * Myranda & husband had Addie Warner,

* Christiana & husband had Don F Cook.

 Addie Warner & Don Ferdinand Cook

Myranda’s daughter was Addie Christiane Warner
Addie married her Aunt Christiana’s son, Don Ferdinand Cook.
Yes, they were first cousins  (see 52 Ancestors # Post 6 - John S Warner M. Miranda Petts: A Story of Sisters, Cousins--and Spouses)
*Addie Warner was my husband's great grandmother, and *Don Ferdinand Cook was my husband's great grandfather. 
Their daughter was:

Marion Lottie Cook

My husband's grandmother
Marion Lottie Cook (1905-1966). Marion married Andrew Antilla. Marion Lottie Cook and Andrew had Ruth I Antilla and her siblings.

Their daughter was:

Ruth Ida Antilla
My husband's mother
Here is a graphic that might help. 
The names in blue are direct descendants of the Petts family:

1 Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire
2 Town Records of Massachusetts

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