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52 Ancestors-#27-Abel Beal, Revolutionary War Vet (of Hingham, Massachusetts)

Sometimes a lineage which could prove difficult (one with a common name), actually proves to be easy to research--and that is exactly what happened when I researched the maternal line of the my husband’s Cook (!) family. 

A certain John Cook's wife (how many of those-John Cooks-are there in the world?!) was Anna Beal.  But, she came from  a Beal family of Hingham, Massachusetts. I was overjoyed to find out that Hingham has been a subject of research for well over a century, AND that the Beals lived there for a long time. I was very lucky!

The towns of Hingham & Cohasset (which was formed in the 1770s from Hingham) is circled below in yellow. The red line shows you the area south of Boston.

Hingham is on the South Shore of Massachusetts and is known for its colonial history and location on Boston Harbor. The town was settled by religious dissenters-not Quakers-but acceptable to the Puritans. Many of the Hingham founders fled Norfolk England with the vicars (Rev. Peter Hobart and Rev. Robert Peck). 

It was first called Bare Cove by the colonizers in 1633. Two years later was made a town under the name Hingham after the English village many had fled from (including Abraham Lincoln's ancestor-a Lincoln-who was his first American ancestor in 1637).

The eastern part of the town split off to become Cohasset in 1770, so a citizen could have been born and raised in the same house in Hingham and possibly died in Cohasset without moving.

I was lucky, too that Anna’s father had been in the the American Revolution war (and not a Loyalist). 

The subject of this post is Anna Beal’s father, Abel Beal.  
                                                   Abel Beal
 I turn to my husband's first "American,"and  the subject of the post: Anna Beal's father and mother.  

Abel Beal and Deborah Lambert (Beal) was my husband’s mother’s 4th great grandfather (his 5th). Abel was born into an old Hingham family: the Beals.
Abel Beal’s vitals:
   Birth:Oct. 20, 1733 in Hingham, Plymouth County, MA
   Death:Apr. 20, 1805 in Cohasset (Hingham), Norfolk County, MA
    Age 71 per gravestone

Burial: Green Gate Cemetery [North Cohasset Cemetery] Cohasset (formerly Hingham) Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA

Abel was born October 20, 1733 to Andrew and Rachel Beal.
Abel Beal's birth record, Hingham Mass 1733 

As you can see from the record above, Abel Beal was the son of Andrew & Rachel Beal. 

I have vitals for Abel's parents, Andrew & Rachel:
  Andrew Beal of Hingham MA
    B 27 January 1685 Hingham, Plymouth, MA
    D 10 Jan 1762 Hingham, Plymouth, MA
    Rachel Bates, daughter of Joshua Bates & Rachel Tower
    Birth:     Jul. 14, 1696 Hingham, Plymouth County, MA
    Death: Nov. 20, 1780 Cohasset, Norfolk County, MA USA

Abel and Deborah (Lambert) Beal

Abel married 1st 
             Deborah Lambert
    Deborah Lambert    (daughter of Henry?)

    Deborah Lambert's vitals:

    B 2 Nov 1740 in Cohasset, MA
    D 15 Jun 1788 in Cohasset, Norfolk, MA, USA

Abel & Deborah's children:
1 Abel Beal 1755-1830
2 Deborah Beal 1757-1844
3 Susanna Beal 1759-1849
4 Celia Beal 1762-1849
5 Seth Beal 1765-1836
6 Stowers Beal 1767-1821
7 Micah Beal 1772-?
8 Ruth Beal 1775-?

9 Anna Beal 1778–1839 M. John Cook *
10 Susan Beal 1781-?
11 Abigail Beal 1784-1863

Deborah died in 1788, leaving many of the younger children without a mother (including almost 10 year old Anna Beal). Subsequently Abel remarried.
  • Abel married 2nd, in 1789,  Susannah Humphrey.

Revolutionary War
The War for Independence (the Revolutionary War) went from 1775–1783; the majority of the fighting in the early years was in the Boston area.
The Hingham/Cohasset area of Massachusetts was a hotbed of resistance during the Revolutionary War.

Of course, because there was no "American" army, people served mostly as local militiamen: rather like volunteer fire fighters might in towns.

I try to ferret out if an ancestor was a Loyalist to King George (which would affect their lives and possibly livelihoods), or not.  Sometimes people were neutral (such as the Quakers) for religious reasons.

Abel and his wife Deborah were not Quaker. 
Nor were they loyalists: Abel did service with the local militia, as many men did, for short periods.

What about Abel's military service?

Abel shows up in census records as late as 1800. He died in 1805.

Abel's Death & Burial
This finishes all the records for Abel and Deborah Beal except for their burial:
Cemetery and gravestone of Abel Beal in Cohasset, MA
So--how does Abel Beal relate to my husband's mother's Cook family? 
Anna Beal (Abel & Deborah Beal's) daughter married a John Cook.  
Each Roman numeral below signifies a generation:

 I -Anna Beal (4th great grandmother)
    B. 1778 in Hingham, Plymouth, MA
    D 1839 in Winchendon, Worcester, MA

Married John Cook (4th great grandfather)
    B 16 Apr 1774 in Groton, Middlesex, MA
    D 1848 in Winchendon, Worcester, MA

Anna Beal and John Cook were the parents of  John Levi Cook *
II - John Cook (3rd great grandfather)
    B: 1805 in Winchendon, MA
    D: 12 Mar 1888

Married Cynthia Metcalf (3rd great grandmother) (d of Jeremiah Metcalf)
    B.1815 in Ashburnham, MA
    D. 17 Jun 1844 in Ashburnham, MA

III John Cook and Cynthia Metcalf were the parents of John Levi Cook *
John Levi Cook (2nd great grandfather)
    B. 8 Aug 1842 in Ashburnham, MA
    D. FL?

Married  (first) Christiana L Petts (2nd great grandmother)
    B 1845 Stoddard, NH.
    D 30 Sep 1871 Keene, NH

John Levi Cook and Christiana Petts were the parents of Don Ferdinand Cook
IV - Don Ferdinand Cook (great grandfather)
    B. 24 Jun 1871 Keene, NH.
    D  16 Dec 1939 Keene,  NH

Married Addie Christiane Warner (great grandmother)
     B 21 Apr 1871 Winchendon, MA
     D 3 Mar 1966 Concord, NH

Don Ferdinand Cook and Addie C Warner were the parents of Marion Lottie Cook
V - Marion Lottie Cook (maternal grandmother)
    B 11 May 1905, Keene, N H;
    D 20 Jul 1966, Peterborough, NH

Married Andrew Robert Antilla (maternal grandfather)
    B 11 Jul 1903 in Sparta, Chippewa, MINN, USA
    D 25 Aug 1949 in Jaffrey, Cheshire, NH


The BIG QUESTION for me was, "which John Cook?.  As it turned out it was easy to trace. 
The trickiest part of this was to be certain that I have the right "John Cook" and the right "John Levi Cook." 
Fortunately an old book about the history of Ashburnham, MA helped (Winchendon, MA being close by). I transcribed the pages below the pix from the book.

From book on Ashburnham, MA (see text below)

From book on Ashburnham, MA (see text below)
Below is the text from pages of above on Ashburnham/Winchendon Mass:

  • John Cook md. Anna Beal and resided in Winchendon near the border of this town [Ashburnham, Massachusetts]. 

So many of his children became allied by marriage to Ashburnham families that a brief record is given. They had thirteen children.

1 Anna, b. July 21, 1798 ; md. John Lane
2 Tryphena, b. Sept. 9, 1799 ; md. 1819, Thomas Flint, son of Thomas and Abigail (Brown) Flint of Winchendon ; removed to State of New York.
3 Mary F., b. April 23, 1801 ; md. Samuel Baldwin.
4 John, b. March 20, 1803 ; d. an infant.

5 John, b. March 15, 1805 [See Below]. 

6 Deborah, b. July 30, 1806 ; md. Joel Merriam.
7 Martin, b. March 1, 1808; resided on the homestead in Winchendon.
8 Clara, b. Jan. 26, 1810; md. Nov. 27, 1833, Milo Derby
9 Edward, b. June 12, 1812; d. in St. Louis; his son, Lemuel W. Cook, is a photographer in Boston.
10 Ivers, b. May 21, 1814; resides in Westminster, Vt. ; md. Dorothy Miller. Four children.
11 Abigail, b. May 17, 1816 ; md. Abner Moore, son of William and Mary (Fitch) Moore of Sharon,
N. H. Three children.
12 Eliza, b. March 26, 1820 ; md. 1842, Reuben A. Buzzell and resided several years in this town.
They removed to Rindge 1862, where she d. June 4, 1883. Five children.
13  Joanna, b. Aug. 15, 1822 ; md. John N. Richardson ; resided in Fitzwilliam, N. H., and Winchendon. He is a merchant.

[John & Anna (Beal) Cook’s son, John Cook Jr:]

John Cook. Jr., md.
 -- (1st) April 3, 1832, Roxanna Lane, dau.of Benjamin Lane. She d. Feb. 24, 1834. 

--He md.(2d) Nov. 12, 1834, Cynthia Metcalf, dau. of Jeremiah Metcalf. She d. June 19, 1844, 

--and he md. (3d) Sarah (Adams) Clark, widow of George Clark.

He removed from town about 1860 and is now residing at Brighton, Ill. 

The following names include one child by first, four by second, and three by the third marriage.
  • John Cook Jr's child with Roxanna Lane:
~ Sarah Roxanna, b. Oct. 6, 1833 ; md. 1851, Jacob Hart of Keene ; she resides, a widow, at Bellows Falls, Vt.
  • John Cook Jr's children with Cynthia Metcalf:
~  George William, b. Nov. 20, 1836; d. unmd. Oct. 9, 1855.
~  Leonard Newton, b. Oct. 10, 1838 ; d. in St. Louis 1866.
~  Martha J.. b. Jan. 3, 1840: md. Oct. 9, 1861, Prentiss A. Maynard of Keene, N. H. He d. June 23. 1869; md. (2d) Sept. 10, 1879, Andrew J. Williams; resides in Keene, N. H.
 John Levi. b. Aug. 8, 1841 ; md. Christiana Petts, who d. Sept. 28, 1871; md. (2d) 1878, Abbie Clifford; resides in Florida.*

  • John Cook Jr's children with widow Sarah (Adams) Clark
~ Cynthia, resides at Brighton, Ill.
~  Daniel, resides at Brighton, Ill.
~ Laura A., resides at Brighton,Ill.


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  1. Hi Amy, just saw this searching for soething else and had to tell you that this Abel Beal(s) was my 5X great grandfather. Anna was my 4X great grandaut This means your husband and I are somehow related and it would be on my father's side.