Thursday, February 6, 2014

52 Ancestors #6 -2014- John S Warner M. Miranda Petts: A Story of Sisters, Cousins--and Spouses

John S Warner & Miranda Petts

My husband’s mother’s maternal great grandfather was John S Warner of New Hampshire. 
There's nothing particularly striking about his story--what his daughter did is of family interest. But first, the vitals: Civil War service, etc.
 John S Warner
  B. November 1837 in NH
  D. Nov 24, 1911, Keene, NH
Married July 1859 in Marlow, NH
Miranda/Myranda Petts

 B 1843 in NH
 D Jul 29, 1917 in West Swanzey, NH
*1- Addie Christiane Warner 1871-1966
2- Effie L. Warner B. 1874
3- Lottie May Warner B. 1876 
4- Lyman Ferdinand Warner B. 1879
5- George A Warner B. 1884
John was living in New Ipswich, NH when he married Myranda (also spelled Miranda) Petts of Marlow, NH. He was a mechanic when he wed Myranda/; he was 21, she was 17. They were married by DH Call at the Methodist Church in Marlow, NH in July 1859. 

By 1860, he was living in Marlow, New Hampshire (23 years).  John enlisted in the Union army in Company A of 2nd New Hampshire Infantry in 1861.
He was wounded in 1862 at The Battle of Williamsburg, also known as the Battle of Fort Magruder, when the Union encountered the Confederate rearguard near Williamsburg.  The Union assaulted Fort Magruder on May 5, 1862. Fort Magruder was part of the Peninsula Campaign of the Civil War. John mustered out in 1862. 


From 1880 (when he was 43) till his death he lived in Keene, New Hampshire. He predeceased his wife while residing at 59 Douglas St, Keene, NH at age 74,“chronic nephritis” is listed as his cause of death.

John S Warner
There is nothing particularly outstanding in this story, except their children were extremely close to their first cousins, so close they made it official: His wife, Miranda, was the daughter of David Towne Petts (1810-1856) & Phoebe Stevens (1812-1902). Miranda had a sister named sister, Christiana L Petts.

Miranda's sister, Christiana Petts ended up marrying John Levi Cook (whose Civil war service I recorded elsewhere this blog). To clarify, John S Warner and John Levi Cook married sisters.

Cousins become spouses
Miranda Petts Warner and Christiana Petts Cook both had children. While it was common in the colonial period for cousins to marry, it was less popular  by the time their children married.

Miranda’s firstborn Addie Warner, married Don Ferdinand Cook, the son of Christiana (Petts) & John Levi Cook.

The bride Addie & the groom, Don F, were first cousins. 
While I heard denials of being "clannish," it seems that my husband’s maternal great grandfather and great grandmother may be an indication to the contrary.


  1. Addie Christiane Warner would be my 1st cousin 3x removed.
    David Towne Petts is my 3rd great grandfather.
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi!
      Well, David Towne Petts is my husband's 3rd great grandfather,'re genetically linked. Did you know that that Towne family has roots in the Salem Witch Trials? (Sisters of the male Towne who were married, so had different last names, were called out as witches).